Feed-Farm-Food process

With the integrated business model from feed-farm-food, high conscious on advanced technology for breeding, Japfa Vietnam strictly control and comply with food safety regulations in each of the food safety chains.
– Breed is selected from the parent farms, only good and healthy breed are taken.
– Animal feed is developed by leading experts in the field of nutrition, produced on modern technology lines according to the ISO 22000 & HACCP food safety management system, without using weighting compound , providing optimal nutrition for livestock to increase the quality and taste of each meat fiber.
– Farm system follow VietGAHP and GMP standard and closed rising model to ensure epidemics control and the best conditions for animal growth.
– The process of selecting animals to be slaughtered is strictly follow procedure to ensure quality.
– Livestock are slaughtered on modern slaughter lines, ensuring food hygiene and safety.
– Traceability information is available to help consumers easy to track and trace food traceability.
– Shop chain is located in the neighborhood where is convenient and credible for consumers to purchase.

Japfabest, Japfa best Việt Nam

Why Japfa Best?

Integrated business model ensuring the food safety and hygiene.

• Japfa is strictly control in each of the process from breed, animal feed, farm, slaughtering and selling.
• Japfa’s farm follow VietGAHP and GMP standard, only quality and diseases-free livestock get released.
•  Meat is put in good condition from slaughterhouse to shop to ensure it is fresh and stable quality.

Transparency and Traceability

• Traceability stamp is available to help consumer easy to track and trace the food traceability.
• Vet certificate is strictly followed Government requirement.

Japfa Best shop chain is located in the convenient location

• Japfa Best shop chain is there nearby the wet market and/or in the neighborhood where is convenient and credible for consumer.
• Customer is able to get product directly in shop or get delivery service according to the delivery procedure of the company.

Professional customer service

• Japfa team is always provide customer a whole-hearted and professional customers service.
• Delivery service is full passionate and responsible for the customers.


giấy chứng nhận VietGAP
VietGAHP certificate
giấy chứng nhận VietGAP
VietGAHP certificate